by White Fang

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released May 12, 2017



all rights reserved


White Fang Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Modern Nostradamus
I do declare predictions

So beware this isn't fiction

So listen hear my diction

Cuz all of y'all are gon' be wishin

For these to not come true

But let me tell you that they do

Because we live surrounded by sin

This is how the world ends

We all attempt to blend

Into a new world order (orda)

Just by blendin the boarder

This works for a while kinda sorta

Then we begin to witness the real horror

Of the horsemen

Of them

There is a foursome

People split and become warsome

Then more than

666 thousand nukes were launched through the air

Only the devil responded seeming as god wasn't there

People began to once again be treated unfair

That's when resources began gettin' scarce

Leaving many stranded without food

What would they do

They're all put under a rune

They all caught plagues only wishin it was the flu

Whether islam, Christian, hindu, or jew

Not a single person knew what to do

So they all came together and consulted the elders

They said they basically just needed to smelter

All religions together

Because no matter the faith

Everyones objective is gettin to heavens gate

This made those without religion really irate

Only emotions felt by them are anger and hate

So they convinced the others that the elders were fake

And that they're gonna die anyway cuz it's their fate

So these religious people ended up takin the bait

They gang up and slaughter the senior highness

Not realizing they're being left with no religious guidance

Then the earth quickly starts to implode

And those with no religion died with no soul

I do declare predictions

So beware this isn't fiction

Listen hear my diction

And y'all are gon be wishin

For these to not come true

But let me tell you that they do

So we raise our glasses to the fallacy

That technology leads to a better reality

Many believe this and it saddens me

Cuz 20 years from now

A young man'll be out on the prowl

For occupation with his google contact lenses

However this eye corrector blurred his vision

But he's too stupid to understand like nuclear fission

See what they did was take a contact and make an incision

Whether you want to insert 1 or 2 terabytes thats your decision

A mind controlled robot thats 100 percent efficient

You'll have no freewill under constant surveillance

Those educated minds will need constant maintenance

Injected with carbon and oxygen

Its 1984 all over once again

Decades of democrats preaching socialism

With new overwhelming tech forcing them

And their populations into enslavement

The exact thing these people fought so long to prevent

And before long

Its an animal farm

People become sheep just following along

Following the pigs who can apparently do no wrong

But soon people discover their lies

It's not too hard to see through their disguise

After all they were deprived

And began to up rise

Cuz the real eyes realized the real lies

They had enough they would soon decide

They were no longer along for the ride

Saying the government can no longer control my mind
Track Name: Broken Brains
A young boy is fussin

On the ground after rushin

And suffered a concussion

And he began touchin

His head blood was gushin

Went to the coach who said it was nothin

Stop being such a fuckin

Pussy and get back in the game

Despite not being able to say his name

Or stay in a lane

He was lost in his brain

So as he gained

Back his mind frame

His coach was already yelling what a dame

This is just a lame

Excuse I'm about to blow a fuse

If you make us fucking lose

Hear me in there you little jew

We're running twos

because of yous

Now get out there, fucking Move!

So the little dude

Made his way back Out

after a 3 count black out

So now he tracked

His way back

Heard the play but couldn't remember that

So he sat

In his position

Waiting to play victim

As the quarterback tapped

The center on the back

And took the snap

But the lack

Of process ability

His mind was blown like Kennedy

So he got clobbered by the enemy

Ending the defending plea

As he fell to the ground

Next thing he heard was the sound

Of nurses and doctors around

Broken brains go insane (3x)

Makin flames n takin names

Only twelve years old

With dry tears cold

On his cheeks

His eyes crunched with sleep

As they opened to take a peak

And he seeked for his feet

He still felt weak and beat

A cold feeling in his teeth

When he tried to speak

And nothing came out his beak

Just saliva would leak

And the doc meandered in sorta discreet

With his hair done sleek

And he would tweak

His mouth around

in order to make sound

but found

no words would meet

His ear just a fleet

Of nonsense in a bleak

Obscure feat

That sounded like greek

Everything moved slow like he was stoned

But this bed soon became his new home

And these the only people that he'd known

Cuz no longer could he operate a telephone

He'd let out extra moans

Every so often

Until he's in the closed coffin

Occasionally slow coughin

But from here there was no option

Other than to pull the plug

It was better than pumping him with a slug

So with a sigh and a tug

His mother lost her one love

And there would never be a sub

So she slit her wrists in the tub

Broken brains Go insane (3x)

Makin flames n takin names

The coach felt no remorse

For being the source

Of this homicide-suicide

the crop that fight, do or die

He knew it right

To win at all costs

Despite all lost

Cuz he was the boss

And some kids get tossed

To the side

If they just slide

Along for the ride

And try and glide

with the team's pride

While they don't abide

And get fried

When they step off the side

Lines and now one died

And they expect I

To be petrified

For my job

They can just slob my knob

If they try and rob

My fame in the name of god

I don't care if y'all sob

Or even mob

With a horde of snob

Soccer moms with bobs

Flibbity flob

I am the gobb

Stob drob and glob

There he dropped dead with a stroke

In front of all the folk

Who saw his life as a joke

Defenders of the kid who he yoked

The life away from

How did he stay numb

And say some

Bullshit about understanding where he came from

And now his name's done

As his fame comes

To a not so tragic end

And it felt like magic when

His stagnant skin

Became completely cold

And now his soul was sold
Track Name: Things Ain't Changed
I live my life in a living hell

I wake up to the sound of a bell

At 5 in the morning

My wife is mourning

For the death of my old self

The one not so concerned with wealth

But i have a family to feed

So im urged on to succeed

By society but im vially

Dying the miles we

Spill of biles be filling

Outta me I doubt I'll be

Around for much longer

What is killing me will not make me stronger

To my wife my job taunts her

It haunts her

She doesn't get to flaunt her

Fine jewelry

But she says that's foolery

It's cooler to be

With me but that's impossible

It's illogical and intolerable

14 hour work day

With minimal pay

Makin minimum wage

The other day

I took a 12 gauge

Cocked it and put it right to my face

But i can't leave my floor stained

So for family i stay chained

To my dead end job

I'll be dead n sob

On the inside

For all the times I've

Missed with my wife and kids

I cry like there's a knife in my ribs

I don't have any friends

I try to make ends

Meet and come to greet

Peeps but that would be a feat

Cuz im sucking my boss's teat

For that last drop of cash

To enroll my kids in class

So they can stash

Away a job for them to do

Instead of watching looney tunes

they see what a lack of food can do

To you when you

working from noon to two

How you get screwed

But can't sue the man that employs you

And thousands more

You're just a number on the floor

Feeding the machine

That keeps you from succeeding

You may be bleeding

Inside and out

But they don't care about

You or anything that you do

As long as you stir the stew

And keep making them money

Huh that's kinda funny

They won't be caught dead where the sun ain't sunny

Loud machines are running

And they're coming for you

You gotta sprint but it's degree 122

Ain't nothin new

To me at least

What the smell of sulfur makes you sneeze

Well my nostril follicles have died

Along with most of my inside

And last night i cried

But no water flowed

My sweat caused my body fluids to slow

To near death levels

Dehydration diagnosed i need to settle

Down and not move around

I need to drink but there's no well in my town

But i still respond to the sound

Of responsibility

Im losing my ability

To speak i squeak and screech

But nothing comes outta my beak

So i go in and ask the boss

Can i please have some time off

Because he needs to sign off

I need it because i sound like a swine cough

He says jeez louise

don't you have kids to feed

I said yeah what is that supposed to mean

He said you know you don't get paid leave

So i began to contemplate

Does that really cost them wait

I said i need to do this

But i would come to rue this

Because they'd strip me like a nudist

With a new phone who dis

Type of retort

I built a mental fort

And told myself some sort

Of reassuring statement

I can do this despite my body being vacant

Of water and my will to live

But i ripped electrons out my body to make me positive

What all do i gotta give

To this corporation, my life

Just because i need to provide for my wife

I could end it all with the slice of a knife

But I can't do that to myself

I guess I'll never be someone else

I put my plans back on the shelf

And i went back to work

Where I'd been at first

And will be until i end up in a hearse

And towed to a church

And put 6 feet under the dirt

So I'm back to the daily routine

Manual labor job a sharp pain in my spleen

You know the usual thing

But that's when i would scream

And begin to dream

Of a white light so i run toward it

Can i die now can my family afford it

You know the one that i supported

None of my useless life had been recorded

Whatever the meaning of life was I hadn't scored it

I was torn it's

Die finally and be put out of my misery

Or continue to work in that hell hole sizzling

And provide for the family but never quite makin bling

This job had literally worked me to death

I open my eyes to see someone's head above my left breast

The doc sprinted to where i was because he had seen

Me pass out and fall off of a steel beam

My corpse was then surrounded by his whole team

January 23 1914

I was pronounced dead at the scene
Track Name: GREED
Cash ruined everything around me


Fuck the money

Get rid of the bills y'all

A young sane man

By the name stan

Thought of fame bland

But he wanna make grands

But he won't take grams

Up in his nose

Or bury dicks in hoes

Never conflict with foes

Leaving tag stitched toes

But he wanted the expensive clothes

He had the initiative though

To make it in the bond business

He had long witnessed

Wall street wolves strong legitness

But he'd soon be on the shitlist

Cuz they were far gone vicious

But he wanted to eat fawn; delicious

So he entered this intense game

And gained immense fame

Soon his cents changed

To dollars but his sense changed

He would now rinse fangs

After leaving men hanged

He'd become ruthless

He'd beat some toothless

Defeat dumb foolish

People who crossed the wrong man

So they'd get smacked with his strong hand

That'll teach em to taunt stan

Now he would flaunt land

In the faces of the people he knew

Cuz most of his new friends were feeble hebrew

He tried to hide from his cousin the evil but she knew

His lies are like contacts meaning he's see through

Cash ruined everything around me


fuck the money

Get rid of the bills y'all

Despite his new mean fate

He still had a few keen traits

He didn't smoke green flakes

And would only drink clean dranks

But that would all change

When the stock fall claimed

A small dame

He had come to love

Money from above

Like a ton of doves

But he could fund a sub

inhaled in his lungs a dub

At a party one night

Now he'd run lights

He needed to have fun right

Going off into the danger zone

Looked up to the king on his manger throne

And apologized as he gained a stranger tone

The alcohol was taking his mind

And making him blind

Shading this kind

Personality he developed

So as his pupils swell up

He would shell up

The confidence to have felt up

A woman below the belt but

Ended up in her pants

With no remember-ance

And did the fender dance

Pollinating her inner plants

And with a tender glance

He looked up to the sky

In pursuit of reply

But soon blew by

And saw the man as lore

He had never been a fan of gore

But by now he'd been damned to the core

Cash ruined everything around me


Fuck the money

Get rid of the bills y'all
Track Name: Far Gone
William liked to be alone

He sat atop his own throne

Hated clones

His face was two toned though

He had his bros

But didn't care to show

His true self

His wish to delve

Into wealth

So he was on a get rich quick

He was always a dick

But he had tricked

His friends into belief

Of him having a sort of grief

For other peeps

But really he'd grit his teeth

And go home and hit that relief

And im not talkin weed

He needed more than that

He was smokin crack

Made him go completely whack

It actually made him slap

His mother hence the name smack

She didn't know how to react

To her child doing that

So she told him to go pack

His shit and get out of her house

So he scurried out like a mouse

But not before he would douse

His house in gasoline

Lit up a lamp full of carosine

His mother screamed

Realizing she was locked in and fire seemed

To seep in through the floor

She banged on the door

William shouted at her "you whore!"

As she remember the time before

When the two lived in harmony

Before he was selling black tar for money

Back when she could call him sonny

Times were no longer funny

For the two against the world

Now they're headed to different worlds

For the girl his mom

She was a child of god

As for the one who had called her a broad

He had one more shot

To get out of the melting pot

As satan had saught to have bought

His soul and turned it to coal

But he gave in and would fold

After being told he could be gold

He wouldn't dare

Attempt to care

It wasn't fair

To his inner self

To put his potential on the shelf

But he did it anyway

With possible success he did away

He thought that it was gay

To even give a single shit

Little did he know being slick

Joking about slitting wrists

Would come back to haunt him

Taunt him it got him

Caught up in drug stuff

It sucked because he wanted to be hardcore

So this finally led him to slam the darn door

He became bored

With his mothers corpse

So he decided to make a smore

While laughing maniacally

Vially biles be filing outta the

Body he saw the heat

Rising as he dialed 911

To avoid any kind of suspic-i-on

He needed to play victim

With fire and gas he ditched em

He refrained from watching the bitch dance

When he begain to hear sirens in the dis-tance

So he thought up his story

Left out the parts that were gorey

He started lookin like he was mourning

Like it had torn heem

Up inside

Doused his eyes

To make it looked like he cried

Screaming why why why

Did she have to die

He lied

Acted surprised

And when the cops showed up

He spoke up as if he'd just woke up

To such a tragedy

And how it was so sad to see

It couldn't be

How did she

Become engulfed

He exclaimed as he sulked

Loud enough for them to hear

The fear pierce through their ear

So they decided to steer

William away from here

Put him up in a top tier

Hotel knowing he wouldn't bode well

In his own cell

his head ringing like a telephone bell

With gruesome pictures

Of his mother's figure

So they had a cop stay with him

Not knowing he had baited them

Seen the world through a berated lens

He Stated then

he would cut the cop with the serrated end

Of his knife he waited then

Attacked when he had sedated him

Got faded then raided him

For his money and gun

Caught his breath cuz he'd be running a ton

He thought nothing was fun

Except evading the cops

And he would only stop

When he got dropped

After he heard a final gun pop
Track Name: The Hand That Sins (Part 1)
"Yo homie you gotta try this beer

Down it all in one in one sip, queer"

"Aiight shit, ima get lit while i steer"

"Bruh lookout for that car's rear"

"Relax bruh don't have no fear

The road ahead is clear"

"Oh shit i must be trippin off them damn shrooms

That's probably why we're racin through sand dunes

On our way to Cancun"

"Bruh you trippin balls

Let me get one or get them all


"Hell yeah take all three

We both about to be

Feeling free to see

What we want to see

Like butterflies instead of these

pesky fleas and bees"

"My mind is teased Already

cuz I just saw Freddy

Kruger with a Luger holding it steady

Pointed at me and then shot confetti"

"No way dude that sounds like a bad trip"

"No I'm not fuck that shit"

"Bruh you just described a clip

From a horror flick

But since you on some scary shit

Let's go and hit a lick"

"Aiight I'm feelin it

But what are we stealin, slick"

"We gonna hit the convenience store

And as soon as we hit the floor

Start poppin the forty four

And ask for all the cash in the drawer

Plus any more from any whore

Standing in the store

Then spill some gore

And get the hell out

Incase anything fell south"

"Alright ima park here

Go first and Then ill follow near

veer in and appear

in that big circular mirror (mirr)

Wait for my leer

Then pop off caps like a bottle of beer"

"Aiight G

We'll move in on me


Put your hands in the sky

Unless you wanna die

So don't you dare call the five

Or we'll bring out your insides!"

"Ok sir please do not fire

Take all my money so i never retire"

"Shut up and put the money in the bag

You fag, continue to drag and lag you'll get stabbed"

"Young lad i feel sorry for your dad-"

(Gunshots fire)

"Oh shit you just unloaded the mag

That's gonna raise the 5-0's red flag"

"Yo i know bro don't go slow

Get in the car

We gonna drive far

Enough to see the spanish mar

So hurry up step on the gas

Cuz the police are right on our ass

Just drive and I'll blast

Watch for broken glass

And shoot if they try and pass"

"Aiight thats a simple enough task

Hand me the flask

And let me down the last

Little bit of booze

Before i cruise

And incase i snooze

And sing the eternal blues

Please tell my muse

I'd never lose

And so I choose

To be this way

Incase its my darkest day"

"Yo bruh that shit is gay

Are you about to pray

You know we gonna stay

Alive and jive while we drive

Slide the five off with a nine

Push that 'will we survive'

Shit to the side

Cuz brotha we live"

(Police sirens)

"Fuck the police

I'll say it with glee

Cuz I finally feel free

No longer will i dree

This life's insanity

We live for vanity"

"Yeah we landing these

Bullets in they brains

And the street sayins (sayne)

Reign over our gang

More cops heads drained

The more respect we gain"

"That's insane

By now we've retained

Kim k like street fame

Too bad we'll never claim"

"Whatchu mean mane

We still straight Gs

Blowin through Cs

Like the breeze

Despite their dire pleas

Taking all the Vs

Never fall like autumn leaves

And we succeed cuz we believe"

"But what do you believe in

I hate you for telling me I'm seasoned

Like lord just give me a reason

I shouldn't commit treason

By squeezin

This trigger leadin

To the cops bleedin

You gave me the bible and i kept readin

But how can I believe if I can't see

I lived my life in a shanty

I'll never be nothin fancy

Like my cousin nancy

She had it all

But she would appall

All of y'all

With her emotional walls

Point out all of your flaws

Then slash with her claws

How did she end up with sea saws

From santa clause

So god what was the cause

For this bitch to get her wish

When i just get dissed

At least bless me with a dish full of fish

Or a loved ones kiss

Well chris

Keep me on the naughty list

Cuz I'll always be pissed!"

" dude you need a spliff

Or something to lift

You back up to cloud nine

Cuz now you're just in the sky

Lookin like you about to cry

Askin god why are you alive


"SHUTUP and fuck you guy

I don't give a shit if i die

My oh my isn't this so tragic

Here watch some fast magic"

"What bruh you're being enigmatic


Oh shit you're heading into oncoming traffic!-"

(Car crashes)
Track Name: The Hand That Sins (Part 2)
The one at the wheel

Let out a squeal

As he saw the bent steel

And began to feel

His face turn teal

As he threw up his last meal

And realized this was real

He really sealed the deal

And really did steal

His life for real

his mental wounds would never heal

But he was protected by a shield

Cuz as he glanced at the weapon he'd wield

He noticed no harm

Done to his arm

And got woke like an alarm

As he glanced at the passenger

Who had been mass injured

Bloody like a massacre

It had all fast occurred

When shit hit the fan like an elastic turd

The blast he heard

Still rang in his ear drums

He was going near dumb

As he'd steer some fear-some

Glance at his peer from

Where he sat in the driver's chair

And saw something raising his arm hair

As what lie there

Was a hand with the grip of a bear

Which gave him a scare

And he attempted to tear

It off and grow a pair

But he couldn't and he wouldn't dare

Because he cared

To much for this shared

Bond that they had

Brothers from different dads

But it was sad

The day they both went mad

Callin themselves rad

So he cried while he pried

The hand from the man who died

Off of his arm and tried

But he sighed

Noticing a knife by his side

He wouldn't survive

If he choose to abide

By the no thug left behind

Rule that kept coming to mind

So he then lined The rind

Where he made the decision

To make an incision

Christ had then risen within him

So he rolled up the linen


And grieved


And would heave

Out a scream

With a gleam

Of hope for what's next

He felt blessed

But couldn't rest

And felling a little vexed

He did what no one expects

He says his final goodbyes

To his homie that died

As his own adrenaline rise

So as he gripped the knive's

Hilt and placed it on his own arm

And rotated it like a tone arm

And so far

He had only breached the skin

But he kept cutting and then

Tapped the bone

Let out a groan

That seemed to be two toned

One of relief and one of grief

For this would turn over a new leaf

So with one last heave

He couldn't believe

How much he would bleed

But he patched up his arm grey

And got outta the car's stay

To flee harms way

He was still alarmed may-

Be he could start away

And find a farm say

Help me seal my wounds

Tell them a story of goons

Attacking him so soon

Causing him to swoon

They'd eat that up with a spoon

So he walked up to a one room

Little boon-docks

And saw a little dude throwin rocks

And went up to the door and knocked

With a story in mind

Seemingly to be the perfect crime

A woman came to the door in no time

And showing quite a spine

She asked rather inclined

"What happened to thine

Arm are you fine?"

And while trying to find

The story in his mind

He stood there seeming rude

But he didn't know what to do

So what flew

From his mouth after about a minute or two

Was the truth

About what had ensued

How he and his dude

Had been pursued

By police after new heights reached

After their crimes breached

And his friend died sheesh

He'd told her too much

But she was too touched

By what he had done

She smiled and called him her son

"Despite you being on the run

I see the good man that sin has rung

And how you sprung

Away from satan

With blatant hatin

Despite his waitin

And him sitting to your right

Allow this to be the start of your new life"

She brought him into her home

And with a soothing tone

Told him he is not alone

And that he shall never roam

From the lords shalom

She took something she'd grown

And gave it to him to eat

It tasted like pure wheat

But made him fall asleep

But before he closed his eyes

He cried

for the woman who had brought him inside

"What is your name so i can thank the man

Above all this scary land

For placing me in the very hands


Track Name: Walk of Life
I knew this kid name walker

He wasn't much of a talker

kids would meet him outside his locker

And kick him like delinquents playing soccer

but while those kids were on soccer teams

he was thinking like Socrates

one of the great thinkers of his time

he go home and tinker with rhymes coming up with ways to defeat opponents but he was too afraid to step up and own it

he had it but he couldn't show it

Walker was shy and you could see in his eye

when spoken to he'd look up to the sky

as of asking God why

should I even try

to be a nice guy

He heave a sigh

But then he realized

something he almost begin to cry

not because he had to conversate

but because he would contemplate

his fate which made him irate

for heaven sake

could even make it to heaven

with the soul of a heathen

A mind that told him not to believe in

anything the preachers are teachin

he was continuously seekin

for signs to not commit suicide

this was the first time

He had these thoughts arise

But he didn't make it a big deal

And didn't tell the guys

But started doing research on where he goes when he dies

after he said his final goodbyes

in a note taped to his window

outside it the wind blows

but his lifeless corpse knows

nothing as he swings by his neck on the rope

he begins to lose hope

as the sinks into the ground

he's not going up but going down

throughout the journey he hears the sound

of men, women, and children screaming in a crowd

It grows to become deafeningly loud

he realized he wasn't ready to throw in the towel

He caught a stench of something foul

he look down

it was his own skin falling to the ground

he became overwhelmed as he lost his epidermis

His body became as hot as a furnace

he became endothermic like a thermos walker trying to climb back to the surface

but it wasn't worth it

He's lucifers purchase

whatever happens he deserves it

then he woke up in a panic

screaming goddamnit

blaspheming his mom scurries in in a panic

with a shriek the rattled the planet

he told his mom where he went

What he thought his dream meant

Fast forward a little bit he's doing good he's doing great

walking to school that Monday with a smile on his face

Knowing that he'd been to a far worse place

this new persona gave him confidence to go on a date

He took the girl to steak and shake

while it's not the perfect place she exclaimed it's my fav

As she continued to rave

not knowing that she saved

this man from an eternal daze

Walker was amazed

how they could be so in love

But the relationship with soon go belly up

And this wouldn't be a dream from which he'd wake up

he was Psyched, he stayed up

all night watching videos made up

so he can dance just right so hopefully he'll get laid up

If he played his cards right he'll wake up

Next to her and have coffee from her k cups

as he approached her door he thought

he could run away now and never be caught

He knew love couldn't be bought

Or be solely relying on her given top

but he couldn't stop he knocked

look at her beautiful dress

but his eyes went straight to her breast

as he was holding his breath

and couldn't say a word

His inability to speak to where words could be heard

caused his face to turn Red and his vision to be blurred

about to pass out

but conquered his doubt

and sounding rather devout

"you look beautiful" is what came out of his mouth

He thought of this night too many times to count

now it's here and the sheer

excitement in his voice was loud enough to hear

they got in the car and Walker looked in his rearview mirror

and he couldn't believe what appeared

It was himself covered in blood

he said what the fudge

His date was like what?

he said don't you see it!

he looked back and couldn't believe it

the figure wasn't even there

it was just daydreaming nightmare

he continued to stare

but nothing was there

whatever it was had gone away

so they continued on their way

as they drove past the bay

where she then said "I love you"

Walker was shocked but he said it too

Not knowing what would ensue

so there wasn't really much he could do

then they arrived at the prom

she got a call from her mom

got out of the car and it didn't talk long

Little did walker know that wasn't her mother

it was three of her friends and his own brother

She had phoned in to tell them he arrived

and walker was too mesmerized

by her beautiful eyes

to see through her disguise

so he walks up and buys

both of them tickets to get into the gates

He didn't realize this was such a huge mistake

because when he walked past the stage

A horrible sight would be witnessed by the whole grade

Walker was unaware

as he continued to stare

into his dates gorgeous eyes

she looked rather surprised

As he uttered the words "I love-"

He was cut off as he was

slathered in pigs blood

That rained down from the sky

but he looked her in the eye

and begin to cry

"Why why why"

As she laughed hysterically

It was so embarrassing

but walkers prevalent emotion was rage

so with the ferocity of a lion busting out of his cage

He snatched up his date

with plans of burying her body parts in each state

he thought this was fate

but now he's crushed and very irate

for heaven sake

they both shook like an earthquake

but make no mistake

she was shaking from adrenaline

he was shaking from the anger within him

And if he were to commit a deadly sin then

so be it

his future, he couldn't see it

He thought she would be it

but now he's got to wing it

Walker stepped on the gas

As he began to yell at her ass

At full blast

but she wouldn't give sass

all she did was laugh

but he was pissed and covered in blood from head to toe

oh all right hoe you want to see a show

he took the steering wheel and swerved off of the damn road

Then Walker sees a light

he tries to crawl toward it in spite

of what happened last time

he just wanted to die

And get his life over with

if not now then later he'll never get over it

Looking at passing by motorist

trying to get the nerve to just

end it right now

he's already paralyzed from the waist down

His purpose in life will never be found

that's when he suffocated on his own blood and drowned

And again he's fallin down

next stop Satan's house

he thought about his date in her blouse

how he thought that she could be his spouse

He pondered what made his life go south

he regretted leaving earth

but he knew what he deserved

to be beneath it

at the moment man he couldn't unsee it

Yelling and screaming at the top of his lungs

then he blacked out and his ears rung

but what happened to the girl that was with him

he thought back and then he had a vision

of what happened to her in the collision

wasn't really his mission

to kill himself instead of her

his thought was cut off by the voice of Lucifer

"I've been watching you for a long while my child"

Walker looked at him and gave him a smile "I have tested you through multiple trials

and you have proven yourself to be vial"

And just when he agreed to be his humble servant

that's when the walls of hell again began divergin

He blinked and heard the *beep beep*

as he awoke from his sleep

He opened his eyes and realized

That he had been hospitalized

with a sigh of relief

but with a hint of grief

he called for a doctor but realized he couldn't speak

he began to freak

Out causing him to flail around

the doctor came in to settle him down

the doc tried to explain

As the nurses tightened his restraints

the doctor then spoke as if warding off pain

and told walker that he never walk again

it took a sec for that to process through his brain

but once it did he continued going insane

After the nurses calmed him down once again

He began askin

what had happened

the doctor told him that his car slammed into a tree

And other vivid pictures to jog his memory

how he could barely recall his own history

except for one little detail

what happened to the female

When the car had derailed

and sailed through the air while their bodies flailed

He tried to ask the doctor but failed

the doc saw he had tried to say something

He gave Walker a pen and pad but he wrote nothing

He just stared at the sheets

As if recalling memories

He stared for what felt like centuries

but what would find its way to the paper was a mystery

he tried to write a barely legible G

Then an I then an R then an L He seemed to be

Shaken up by the whole thing

because the doc informed him that there was no girl at the scene

Then Walker begin to think

was this all just a dream

just an obscene dream

like his journey through hell

Was this real, he couldn't even tell

he could vividly sniff the smells

So he knew damn well

this was reality

so he again reached casually

for the pen and asked about any more casualties

From within the crash wreckage

he wrote there had to be a girl stashed below the wreckage

His hand shook so much the doctor barely deciphered the message

But he eventually did

and he asked the kid

why did you drive your car over the bridge

did you lose control and begin to skid

Or was it that godforsaken Eminem

Were you pissed at a women friend

mixed signals she was sendin them

His expression sparked at the latter

Walker then began to gather

Himself but it didn't matter

it just made him Sadder

he cried like a little league batter

that struck out

the doctor stuck out

his hand

and walker bust out a-gan (again)

as if to ward off the man

And he hadn't really planned

his next move but his hand

move too quickly for him to react

he moved his hand to see that

his own subconscious feedback

And he stared at the lines in black

that made up the letters

Made him feel a tad bit under the weather

so it took him a minute to put it together

and his head got light as a feather

There was a girl in the passenger seat

I just wanted to wipe us both out in one complete feat

and give us a clean slate

I couldn't wait to finish off my plate

so she got me so irate

I couldn't believe she was my prom date

the doc looked at him in disbelief

and looked at Walker and gave a sigh of grief

Not relief

and Walker thought to himself to be a fiend

was this all just a dream?

the doc sighed again and told him that it was

but he really did crashed his car after being covered in blood

The doctor soon left the room saying get some sleep bud

walker just reminisced saying what the--

As this sad time

Was broken up by a flatline