by White Fang

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Single for the upcoming album "Quatrains"
This track details the life of a


Cash ruined everything around me


Fuck the money

Get rid of the bills y'all

A young sane man

By the name stan

Thought of fame bland

But he wanna make grands

But he won't take grams

Up in his nose

Or bury dicks in hoes

Never conflict with foes

Leaving tag stitched toes

But he wanted the expensive clothes

He had the initiative though

To make it in the bond business

He had long witnessed

Wall street wolves strong legitness

But he'd soon be on the shitlist

Cuz they were far gone vicious

But he wanted to eat fawn; delicious

So he entered this intense game

And gained immense fame

Soon his cents changed

To dollars but his sense changed

He would now rinse fangs

After leaving men hanged

He'd become ruthless

He'd beat some toothless

Defeat dumb foolish

People who crossed the wrong man

So they'd get smacked with his strong hand

That'll teach em to taunt stan

Now he would flaunt land

In the faces of the people he knew

Cuz most of his new friends were feeble hebrew

He tried to hide from his mother the evil but she knew

His lies are like contacts meaning he's see through

Cash ruined everything around me


fuck the money

Get rid of the bills y'all

Despite his new mean fate

He still had a few keen traits

He didn't smoke green flakes

And would only drink clean dranks

But that would all change

When the stock fall claimed

A small dame

He had come to love

Money from above

Like a ton of doves

But he could fund a sub

inhaled in his lungs a dub

At a party one night

Now he'd run lights

He needed to have fun right

Going off into the danger zone

Looked up to the king on his manger throne

And apologized as he gained a stranger tone

The alcohol was taking his mind

And making him blind

Shading this kind

Personality he developed

So as his pupils swell up

He would shell up

The confidence to have felt up

A woman below the belt but

Ended up in her pants

With no remember-ance

And did the fender dance

Pollinating her inner plants

And with a tender glance

He looked up to the sky

In pursuit of reply

But soon blew by

And saw the man as lore

He had never been a fan of gore

But by now he'd been damned to the core

Cash ruined everything around me


Fuck the money

Get rid of the bills y'all


released May 5, 2017
Produced by PType, Recorded at Soul Asylum Studios, Written by White Fang, Chorus Sample: Wu Tang Clan C.R.E.A.M.



all rights reserved


White Fang Atlanta, Georgia

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